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W T F #014

The W T F collection stands for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, where a set of 3 earrings combines to make 3 different pairs.

Option 1: W T F #014
Copper Ball: W12mm, H50mm
Brass Cube: W10mm, H48mm
Sterling Silver Cone: W11mm, H55mm

Option 2: Copper Cone/Ball (second photo)
Copper/patina Ball: W15mm, H54mm
Copper Cone: W16mm, H53mm

About the weight:

Different techniques are used depending on the size of each shape to make them surprisingly light, hollow and easy to wear by keeping the weight to a minimum, averaging between the weight of a nickel and a dime.


They are made of sturdy (20 gauge) 14k gold-filled wires. As opposed to a gold-plated wires, gold-filled ensures there is a thick gold layer that stands up to heat, water or wear and will usually maintain its golden shine for a lifetime.

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