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Welcome to the atelier. I'm an alternative jeweler and ceramicist from Brazil based in Pasadena CA.

I make jewelry and functional objects with bare materials and exposed processes for people who don't like things sugar-coated. 

By using fine art materials such as bronze, porcelain, copper, gold or silver but without a formal approach, you will find pieces uninhibited by limitations of technique or style.

Marks of torching, pounding, cracking, tearing, attaching, melting, and hammering are all visible in the objects I make to show their journey. 

A writer that was also a chemist, Primo Levi, described how copper becomes hard and tough when it's maltreated as its crystals grow. So true. Personally, I've also witnessed the hostility of porcelain when pushed to its limit. 

Nevertheless, it could all be poetic when it comes together and it's taken for what it is, just beautiful materials enacting with their flaws and virtues.


For any inquiries please email: [email protected]


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